I had been soooo looking forward to this 3 day weekend wedding since I first heard from Amber, and I was completely blown away  every bit of it! Ladywood Estate itself is an incredible wedding venue, with an amazing view, and just perfect for the larger indian weddings! Recently the barn has been converted into the reception hall, and Gaurav and Amber were one of the first couples to try it out! Also, a private little boat house by the lake was also built recently which is just incredible, imagine waking up to that view of the lake in the morning! Amber had told me about this Friday night and she was so excited about it. The Sangeet party is an evening before the Wedding Ceremony where the Bride and Groom’s family perform for the couple, and this was no disappointment. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole way through, all the colours, the performances were just amazing and they way the two families came together as one just made my heart happy! The whole of Amber’s family, parents, sisters, brother and grandmother put together a song from The Sound of Music, “Edleweiss” it was really quite amazing, I’m a lover of live music and this was just amazing to listen to and watch, to hear every single member of their “audience’ sing along gave me goosebumbs! It has literally been playing around and around in my head ever since this evening! That and an indian song that Gaurav’s Auntie sung with the help of a few others. They had taught Amber this song and dance only the night before and hadn’t told her she had to perform it the following evening but she went for it! The song was about how to look after your husband properly… She did the actions and it was just brilliant to watch, they all had so much fun! To watch how Amber and Gaurav’s friends and all their family dressed in traditional indian wear was just incredible and to see them all dancing together and having an amazing time was just so inspiring for me! I absolutely LOVED capturing this evening, and being able to be their Wedding Photographer for the whole weekend was a true privilege… I can’t wait to share the other two days with you 🙂 so watch this space and make sure you come back!!! Are you ready for a long post filled with lots of colour and LOTS of dancing?

Sangeet Hindu Wedding Photographer Ladywood Estate Sangeet Hindu Wedding Photographer Ladywood Estate Sangeet Hindu Wedding Photographer Ladywood Estate Sangeet Hindu Wedding Photographer Ladywood Estate Sangeet Hindu Wedding Photographer Ladywood Estate

Hindu Wedding Photographer – Photography By Vicki (ME!)

Videography – David Hayes

Bride’s Hair and Make Up – Katy  Short MUA

Other’s hair and make up – Souki Hair Salon

Decor and Flowers  –Swarg

Caterers  – Sanjay foods

DJ – Addictive DJs (Harry)

Venue – The Ladywood Estate, Rutland

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