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Meet Martin and Penny. They have been married for nearly a year and were our models for the masterclass at the Photography Farm with Brooke Davis. They were absolutely fantastic and I am so happy with the photos I snapped of them both on the course, they are such a sweet couple who love to cuddle and it was such a pleasure to photograph them both!

Scroll down for behind the scenes photos and a little bit of a write up about the amazing Brooke Davis and The Photography Farm.



This was my first time at Lisa Devlin’s Photography Farm. On the Wednesday I attended Mellisa Love‘s talk – Designing you into your Business  She was brilliant and I took home so much information to design my website and blog the way I want. Even being given confirmation that I am on the right path was a huge help to me. Also, to sit there and listen to her talk to Shell (Shell de Mar Photography) & Lisa (Devlin Photos) about their websites, having followed them both for the past year, I really learnt alot and would HIGHLY recommend meetin or attending Melissa Love‘s classes about branding. It really was so inspirational.

I was also booked to attend Brooke Davis from Blush Photography‘s class on the friday which was for the full day and I got to experience alot more of what Photography Farm has to offer. The Farm is tucked away on the Surrey – Sussex Border and was a super inspirational place to be. Originally being used as recording studios were Queen, Wet Wet Wet and Oasis recorded albums, now is used for workshops and weddings.  It is such a cute, quaint little farm and with the snow it looked super beautiful. On the Photography Farm Week the Farm House was full of like minded creative photographers all exchanging notes and there to discover the next step in their photography journey and I was certainly no different. Mixing with some of the best in the business was a huge eye opener for me, such lovely people with huge talents there for me to learn from. I was literally like a sponge!

Ok, so a little side story – about 4 years ago when my photography journey began I followed a hand full of american photographers and one of these photographers was a lady called Brooke Davis based in Utah. I followed her blog and loved her style. Then I moved to Japan for a year and left my computer behind (and all my bookmarked sites) and unfortunately I lost touch with her blog. In September of last year Kat from Rock n Roll Bride posted a stylised shoot “The Non Wedding” – It is well worth a look if you haven’t seen it! Very, very inspirational. Me, like many others, began following Blush Photography and it was only when Lisa Devlin annouced that Brooke Davis was going to be taking a masterclass on the Photography Farm that I realised it was the same Brooke that I had follow all those years ago. She is a very different photographer from the lady I followed all those years ago, she is incredible and portrays raw emotion in every photo she takes. It was an absolute priveldge to be in the same room as her and listen to her “waffle on” as she kept saying. I could listen to anyone with a creative mind like her waffle on about photography for … er… forever?

There were 4 of us lucky enough to attend Brooke’s Friday workshop. We spoke about every aspect of photography as a business from speaking to your clients to photographing them and making them feel completely at ease in front of the camera. Her techniques were incredible and I had so many “lightbulb” moments where thing just started clicking in my head. Before lunch we headed outside to take portraits of each other, it was only a 5 minute exercise but straight after that Brooke took photos of all of us. We got to see how she works for portraits and oh my she has an imagination… It gave me the “go ahead” to just do what my creative mind is telling me without a question. We had a delicious lunch prepared for us by the chef’s of Ridge Farm which was great fuel before we headed out again on our couple shoot!

Martin & Penny (who are also a wedding photography couple) were the couple for our shoot and the amazing Elbie did Penny’s awesome hair and make up. Here are some photos from behind the scenes of the day. I cannot express how much I have learnt and if you get the chance to take a class with Brooke just do it! Photography Farm I will be back! I felt very strongly that I wanted to be part of the friendship groups people had formed there and wished I could have stayed for the other courses over the weekend, relaxing with a glass of wine in the evening and talking photography to a load of other awesome people who love photography as much as I do.

Thank you so much to Lisa Devlin for putting all of this together! It really was an incredible experience and so lovely to have met you!

I really hope to see you all again at somepoint and if we meet at The Photography Farm – even better 😉

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