Pre Wedding Photography Shoot

Engagement Photography Sessions

There are so many reasons to book an Engagement Photography Shoot! Whatever the reason you go with, be sure to get in touch to get one organised as soon as you are Engaged. Getting Engaged is a total whirlwind… Right? Your wedding day may be months or even years away. But spending this time, as you are right now, is just invaluable! PLUS you will get some amazing photos of the two of you before you get married! How many lucky people have that?

As a Wedding Photographer, I personally LOVE the Pre Wedding Photography Sessions. It gives me time to really get to know my wonderful couples and visa versa. Then, when it comes to their actual wedding day, they already know exactly what to do, which then allows the couple portraits on the day to go super dooper naturally!

Let’s face it… On your Wedding Day you will be totally and utterly loved up and in a spin and those photos are going to be out of this world magical!