Firstly let me say that I feel like the luckiest person in. the. world. I am living my dream every day, meeting new and lovely people, travelling all over the place and capturing peoples stories and love for each other. I absolutely love every minute of it, from the first emails to their Engagement Session, Wedding and all the editing that happens after. I always want to push myself to improve and challenge areas of my photography and business to learn more and keep getting better!  I attended wedding photographer, Marrianne Taylor‘s Mnoo School last month at Craven House near Hampton Court. When I saw that her and Ed Peers were going to be running these two day course, it was a no brainer for me. I had to be there, there was no question. Both photographers have played a role in my journey as a wedding photographer, mainly from following their journey, as most photographers do, I have a handful of photographers that inspired me daily, whether it be through facebook or pinterest and I just love see how other people see the world. I can honestly say that it has been the best thing I have done not only for my business, but for myself. Over the past few years I have been on a real journey of self discovery, and wasn’t expecting this course to be a major milestone in that. I have learnt things about myself and pushed myself in different ways and not only did the two days confirm that being “me” is ok, but that being completely true to who you are, questioning things about yourself to make changes to who you want to become is the only way of becoming the best you. It might sound soppy and maybe silly but surrounding myself with equally passionate people made my passion grow even stronger. Since my mind has been going non stop, thinking about how to improve on every aspect of my business and life, to be able to live the life I want and also to be able to deliver a unique experience for my couples. But the main question that I left the course with was … Why do I do what I do… Well, That subject is going to be the title to a rather long other blog post and coming soon I promise!

Marianne was so kind and honest with her stories, how she got where she is now, what questions we should be asking ourselves, and this was the most powerful part for me, I have been so busy with Engagement Session and Weddings that I had never really stopped to think about these questions which I should be able to answer easily. I took it for granted that I obviously knew the answer to these questions Instead to answer them honestly, I need to go right back about 5 years ago and explain how I got to this point. I wrote so much over the two days in my little mnoo notebook, trying to write down as much as I could so that I can keep going back to my notes to refresh my memory as much as I need to. I really took to this idea of the Beloved technique, which Marianne used in her portrait work. I am currently training and completing modules to hopefully become a certified Beloved Photographer and I cannot wait to put these techniques that I’m learning into action! The thing I absolutely LOVE about Marianne is her ability to capture the couples real emotion for each other, the way she can stay quiet and still get their interactions perfectly, and their beauty and personality really shines through every photo. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Marianne and fingers crossed it won’t be the last we see of eachother!!!!

Since I very first saw Ed‘s work which was probably around a year ago I was hooked, his photos literally suck you in. His composition. al eye is incredible, and to hear him speak about it, then see him at work was absolutely priceless. To have these two completely different style of photographers (though both wedding photographers) explain the thought process behind their art what absolutely invaluable. On the second day we had Adam Alex come and give an hour talk about Visual Language. I have to say this hour completely blew my mind. I’m not going to go into detail with what was on the course but would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to push themselves and their business. Seriously… it’s the best thing I’ve done with my photography!!!

At the end of the Second Day we were super lucky to have the lovely Emma and Pete of Emma Case Photography come to model for Marianne and Ed. Marianne to show us the beloved technique in action and Ed to show us his thought process in terms of compositional aspects. We all took our cameras, headed out to Bushy Park and had the chance to see them both in actions and get a few snaps ourselves. I absolutely loved this, being surrounded by that many amazing photographers pushed my work further than I could have ever imagined! I hope to go on plenty more courses in the future to continual push my ability and I love that I made some great friends on this course. But seriously if you get to go to Mnoo School…. don’t even think about it! Just book it!!! Here are the photos from when we headed out with Emma and Pete – who were amazing by the way! I had so much fun! To see Marianne’s wonderful blog post about the course click here there a couple of photos of me looking like I’m concertrating very hard – ow and my colour branded pens :-p Yippee!! Hope you enjoy the photos 😀 xxx

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