Ok, I have NO IDEA WHERE TO START… What a year!!!!

  • 30 Incredible Weddings taking me all around the country
  • 13 Amazing Engagements Sessions,
  • 23 Awesome Families,
  • 4 Simply Adorable Newborns,
  • 2 Wonderful Pregnancy Sessions
  • + Helping my partner in crime set up his very own business (–> you gotta go check him out – but not until AFTER you’ve got to the end – I’ll post a link at the bottom hahha!!!!!)

AND THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE OF ALL… I HAD A BABY!!! Back in March on Friday the 13th I had a beautiful baby boy – We say every day how lucky we are because he is such a happy little boy. He’s a whole 11 months old now and the time has absolutely FLOWN by – He’s just perfect in every way and makes everyday THAT more incredible!!! In fact one of those 30 weddings we shot last year, Charlie even attended – We were also guests… trying to photograph bridal preparations whilst carrying your baby in a wrap is a whole new challenge in itself!!! But just wonderful to have him there whilst we were working. <3

I didn’t attended any courses last year so I plan to make up for that this year – I have however had the backing of some of the most amazing woman in this business… there are two group in particular that I have learnt more than I ever though from such powerful wonderful woman, and all I can say is Thank you for your support and kindness and I couldn’t do it without you! Here is a rather large selection of my favourites from my Engagement & Wedding work! It was hard to get 25,000+images down to a blog post… here goes!!!


Wow! Thank you for making it all the way through – sending you extra love and hugs <3 <3 <3


And as promised…. Greg’s brand New WEBSITE >>>

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BOOOOM! Nailed another year, you clever rainbow magpie, you! Trouble is, after looking at this, the rest of the world outside of your website seems slightly dull! Love it all xx

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