Meet Isabella, she had just turned 1 a week before our shoot. Jo (her mum) and her best friend Becca met me in Southampton Town Center in one of the parks, it’s hard to believe we were in the town center looking at these photos, I love it when I find little cute spots and they really can be anywhere and everywhere, there is always somewhere great to shoot photos where ever you are! Jo and Becca’s mums had been friend when they were pregnant so they told me they are more like sisters growing up but now Becca doesn’t live in Southampton they wanted to have some photos of the 3 of them whilst she was down visiting. So the shoot was perfect timing as she left the next day… and look at this weather, couldn’t have been better! Amazing! Bella was such a happy little girl, interested in her toys and everything around her, she was a joy to photograph… anyway… here they are 😀

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