I’m Vicki and I adore photographing people who know how to let their hair down and have a good time! I am not your average wedding photographer – I’m a bit of a modern day hippie, a free spirit and a total nature lover. Eccentric people and excessive details are my thing, but what I love most in the world is… LOVE!

Since becoming a photographer

★ I look at the world in a completely different way, there is literally beauty and character everywhere.
★ I love grabbing my camera and hanging out in the forest, flower fields, by the sea or down the back streets in the city searching for the latest jaw dropping wall art!
★ I love exploring everywhere and anywhere with my camera, the world is freaking beautiful, don't you agree?
★ I listen to people's stories and wish I had been there to capture them.
★ I’ve also become an avid people watcher and professional moment freezer (I learnt the art of people watching when I lived in Japan… That place still has a large part of my heart).
★ I am a total geek – I love business, marketing, learning as much as I possibly can about my craft so I can provide my couples with the most colourful, characterful, real bunch of photos from one of the BEST day of their lives.


all of the colours | creatives | dreamers | independent brands | personal touches | sparkle and glitter | festivals | live music | exploring | being in nature | experiencing different cultures | life is better upside-down | being surrounded by wonderful people | making "everything free" tasty treats

Oh, and I am a total SUCKER for flowers, flowers and MORE FLOWERS!