First, I hope everyone had a great xmas and new years! I can’t believe 2011 is over… into 2012 we go with buckets and buckets full of positivity! The only new years resolution is to keep the blog as up to date as possible so I will be posting alot of more from now on!

Meet Rosy and Trev, I have been friends with Rosy since school and they have been together for a couple of years now and they really are perfect for each other, I am so happy to call them my friends. They are both freelance musicians, and really are at the top of their game! Before we left to do the shoot, just for fun Rosy started to play an arrangement of José González’ “Heartbeats” and then Trev joined in on his percussion box I just stood there watching them completely lost in the romantic sound of the music (and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I had a few tears), it was a very special moment for me, and I was totally excited to get on with taking photos of these 2. We went to a park in the center of Manchester for our photos. Due to the light I didn’t get as much time as I had hoped with them so… next time I’m up in Manchester we will have PART 2 of Rosy and Trev’s engagement photos… I’ve been told due to further education (maybe in the states) the wedding might not be for a couple of years yet, but I am very very very excited to be taking photos at my friends wedding in the future. 🙂 Hope you like the photos friends! ❤ LEAVE SOME LOVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST ❤

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Vicki you are an absolute legend 🙂

Fabulous photos!!!

Definitely got my debut album cover here!!

These are stunning Vicki, really well done 🙂

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