So we were forecast rain… but did it come NO! It looked pretty dreary in the morning when we met the guys as they prepared their breakfast accompanied by cans of Fosters! We then went to meet the girls, it was so fun seeing the difference between how the guys together react on their wedding day compared to the girls. The guys were having a lot of banter and the girls were singing their hearts out to musicals! As we spent more time with Rachel and the girls, they started to concentrate on what had to happen throughout the day and every tiny detail was planned til the end of the night. Unfortunately we weren’t aloud to take many photos of the ceremony but we got to take some of the blessing afterwards. Seeing the way Rachel and Craig looked at each other you could tell… they were meant to be. We went for a stroll with Rachel and Craig around Titchfield Abbey in Swanick, Hampshire and got some great shots!!! We then headed to the Hotel in the New Forrest where the Wedding breakfast and reception was going to take place, there was a lovely patio and lots of croquet being played! Rachel was the last of her family to marry and due to everyone knowing what her father’s speeches were like they were taking bets on how long it would last – proceeds of which was  split between 2 charities!!! There was alot of emotion flying around the room during the speeches which was fun to capture! The cake cutting was super funny as I had been looking at the cake all night, thinking “is that really their cake?” it was announced that Craig with his “super creative hands” had made the white chocolate icing to go around the cake all by himself, hehe! Just before their first dance Rachel had arranged a surprise for Craig and decided to sing him a song, and the lyrics were handed to him in a frame. It was a beautiful song about her being his forever and she sang with such character and emotion. She had the sweetest voice which inevitably bought tears to Craig’s eyes. They had this huge emotional hug as everyone cheered and then went straight into their first dance! After this, the dancefloor was FILLED with people dancing and having an amazing time! AS IT SHOULD BE! anyway, (I know I always say this but… ) prepare yourself for a LOT of photos!

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