I met Matt and Sarah at this beautiful National Trust site just outside of Winchester, the weather was just stunning… with it being the end of November we were expecting grey skies and rosey cheeks, but we were more than happy for it to be a super bright, clear sky with incredible sunlight. We walked around the garden talking, taking photos, having a laugh, (me being completely crazy about how amazing the sun and the colours were – tehehe) and I got to know Matt and Sarah a bit better. They were both completely comfortable infront of the camera and were a joy to take photos of. They are getting married in August 2012 but they love the autumn season, they told me how they originally wanted an Autumn wedding, so I was really happy that we managed to get the engagement shoot done in time before the leaves started falling completely off the trees. I got to hear lots of details about the wedding and really can’t wait to photograph their big day next year!!! Don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom 🙂

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Beautiful photos. A lovely lad. Congratulations Matt and Sarah.

Wow, just beautiful! You two have lots of years of happiness ahead of you.

I love these – especially the ones from above – stunning! Can’t wait to be a ‘proud mummy’ next year when the wedding ones are done.

Oh Sarah, what beautiful photos! You two look so natural and lovely. I really liked the lying down ones and the kissing gate. They are all so creative.

These must be the best engagement photos I’ve ever seen. Far from being unphotogenic I think that these photos capture two beautiful, loved-up people in a spectacularly autumnal setting. Thumbs up all round. 🙂

Thank you Vicki. From two people who don’t consider themselves particularly photogenic, these are some really great photos. Love the light and colours – nice work!

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