Fran and Andy’s Wedding was elegant, simple and stunning! Down to every last detail this wedding was extremely special. The look that Fran and Andy exchanged throughout the day was absolutely electric and after 8 years of being together… well that was amazing to see. They began the day getting ready in Orchardleigh house where the girls got their hair done and the guys just chilled out in an awesome location! Andy’s Wedding day present was hiring a colbalt blue Stingray Corvette, needless to say he was a very happy man! Fran wore very natural looking make up, a beautiful elegant dress and a silver necklace, in this case less is DEFINITELY more! When you are as beautiful as Fran you just don’t need to try too hard! She looked amazing! They got married in a catholic church in the quaint town of Bradford on Avon, Bath. After the service Andy got to drive his wife back to Orchardleigh in his awesome ride. The whole of Orchardleigh House had been rented out so that all the guests could stay the night and then enjoy breakfast with the newly weds the next morning. The food was great, the music was great and the weather couldn’t have been better!!! It was an awesome day and I feel super lucky that I was able to take photos! Thanks David Long for inviting me to second shoot with you! Was Awesome!!!! Ok… here come the PHOTOS!

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I LOVE these, they are stunning. The colous are amazing. I must have looked at them about 10 times now!

Look at you go! Bloody great work.

These are crazy nice! Really good work