On a beautiful day, in a beautiful location, Dena and Steve got Married…. At last… I got my super excited bride!!! This is what I had been waiting for! When Dena arrived she literally jumped on everyone – bouncing around the room hugging everyone, she was sooooo happy and it was completely infectious. Trying to photograph someone that moved that fast was a challenge alone but the fact I couldn’t stop giggling … well… it was an awesome experience and good practice!! Actually I came away from this wedding feeling like I had totally upped my “wedding photography” game.

The wedding was simple, small but full of crazy people (crazy in a good way!). Dena is a professional dancer so her and her friends knew how to pose but above ANYTHING how to have a good time! The story of the day was the Groom’s speech… I will tell you a quick version of their engagement. They were booked to spend a weekend in Paris. When Dena’s friends heard about it and they managed to convinced her that Steve was DEFINITELY going to propose to her on this holiday. When they got to Paris Dena was all excited about what she thought was going to happen that night. They were getting ready in their hotel room and Steve had gone to take a shower, she searched the room looking for the engagment ring but sadly didn’t find anything, They went out for their meal and Dena was upset and angry that what she thought was going to happen obviously wasn’t. After the meal he decided to take her to the Eiffel Tower and Dena still being grumpy didn’t really care. Steve got down on one knee to take a photo of her with the Eiffel Tower and instead of taking the photo pulled a ring out from where the memory card is supposed to sit. She couldn’t bealive it… and she had been carrying the camera around ALL day 🙂

My favourite part of this wedding (and maybe all the weddings I have done so far) was after the speeches when the sun was just about to set we took Dena and Steve out for a short photo session. As you can see by how many photos I posted of it…. I was completely in love with the lighting…

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Gorgeous photos Vicki! Love how vibrant and colorful the images are!

Very Nice! Look at those flares! 🙂

Looks truly beautiful and you can definatly feel the love! xx

I ADORE the two B&W images of the bride with the flare.

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