Fun, Creative + Colourful Wedding Photography

EEEEK - You're getting married! I'm so excited for you already and I'm so happy you are finally here!

So, you're planning the most EPIC WEDDING and you're looking for a photographer that can capture every inch of how AWESOME your day is going to be?

I’m here for the fun-loving couples that dare to ditch tradition and live their lives wild + free. Whether you’re planning a massive party at an epic venue, Glastonbury-style fun in a flower field, an intimate laid back ceremony with your nearest and dearest or anything in between. I’m there.

Hey! I'm Vicki!

I'm a Wedding Photographer (based in Hampshire) who gets to shoot kick-ass love stories all over the UK and beyond AND It's an absolute freaking dream come true. There’s nothing better than rocking up at an awesome wedding, capturing the joy, the love and the laughter of you and your amazing guests, then getting to work my technicolour editing magic on each individual photograph.

I know your wedding will be one of the most magical days of your lives, the party that sends you off into your biggest adventure together!!!

I am a firm believer that you should throw two fingers up at wedding traditions and create a day that's as unique as you are!!!

Epic Moments

Charley & Josh PREVIEWS-125
Vanessa + Simon
Jack & Aisling
Connor & Caitlin-21
Cherean & Lezaan Previews-2
Charley & Josh PREVIEWS-65
Matthew & Emily-69
Colourful Rock n Roll Wedding - Hampshire Wedding Photographer - Photography by Vicki_0013

I'm sure you are here because you are looking for non-traditional, fun, colourful wedding photography from a photographer you can totally put your trust in, who will literally feel like another mate at your wedding AND who will be as excited as you are every step of the way. Not to mention who you know will provide you with beautifully captured photographs once it's all over!!!

Super excited about your big day? Me too! Although on the actual day of your wedding, it is ALL about you. I love just capturing the beauty of the day as it is happening. Forced poses, bossing you around and awkward smiles are NOT FOR ME. One of the biggest compliments I get on a wedding day is when a guest asks: “Are you one of their friends?”
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