My name is Vicki, I absolutely adore photographing people in love. I can’t get enough of it. I love being around people in love, I love photographing people in love and I quite simply LOVE PHOTOGRAPHING WEDDINGS!!!

Being a photographer has made me see life in a completely different way, I see the beauty in pretty much everything, I listen to peoples stories and wish I had been there to document them, I am constantly aware of everything that is happening around me, the world is alive and I love it!

I am one of those people who gets very excited about all the little things, I love eccentric people, excessive details, I love dreamers. I love handmade and I love when real thought has been put into creating something special. I am so lucky to have brides that put so much thought into making their special day uniquely THEM – and seriously I am a SUCKER for flowers flowers lots of flowers!

I get so excited when I receive emails from brides-to-be asking me to be their wedding photographer. They are so excited about their wedding day, they are putting so much thought, time, and effort into making this day completely perfect from them, they need to have a photographer who they trust to capture every single special moment, each and every tiny detail and most of all the story of the whole day, told with AWESOME imagery. It is such a great honour to photograph someones wedding, and if you are super excited about your big day, believe me I will be too! On the actual day of the wedding however, I stay very much out of the picture, a fly on the wall, quietly watching and recording the day as it is happening, I don’t force things to happen and I don’t change things. And one of the BIGGEST compliments I can get on a wedding day is when a guest asks “are you one of their friends?” but you can find more about how I shoot over on my Wedding Packages page.

Outside of weddings… I have a wonderful partner, Greg who is also a photographer (Check his work out HERE!¬†I trained him, shhhh!) and we am so lucky to have 2 beautiful children – Charlie and Holly – They have turned my whole world upside down and allowed me to feel things I never knew was possible!!!! I also photograph lots of amazing Families¬†throughout the year in some absolutely beautiful locations around Hampshire <3 And also shoot natural lifestyle Newborn Session <3 There just isn’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want to be able to do!